Ahad, 15 November 2009

[sk_pulo] From Beyond Borders with LOVE...

Salam semua...
Berikut adalah email penghargaan daripada Kak Rika (Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad) untuk warga SK Pulo.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank SK PULO for the tremendous support given to Beyond Borders.

It has been a great 2 years working with your school. I just hope that the future schools I will be meeting next year will be as supportive and enthusiastic as the students, teachers and community of SK PULO.

I will certainly miss my times there in SK Pulo. The warmth of the students & teachers and of course all the delicious food we shared during meal breaks.

To students of SK Pulo, Kak Rika wish you all the best and pastikan SK PULO akan mengaum di peta dunia.

SK PULO Rocks!

Terima kasih Kak Rika.

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